Taking the Pain Out Of Payroll

Lean on us to deliver automated, accurate, fully supported, compliant and easy payroll.


Easy access to employee and payroll data history, from anywhere.


Completely integrated with onboarding and timekeeping.

Compliance and Filing.

Complete worry free tax management supported by a local onsite team.

Reporting and output.

Push and pull data quickly and easily.

we love taxes... said no one, ever.

Take the worry out of your payroll taxes.

Compliant and complete. PayData’s onsite tax professionals will manage all federal, state, and local tax filings and deposits.

Trusted, bonded, and responsive.


Play well with others.

The thought of integrating with other applications doesn’t scare us.
We actually embrace it!  PayData payroll can connect and integrate with your other business applications.

  • POS – Point of Sale
  • General Ledger – Ask about our Custom Quickbooks Integration
  • 401K Providers
  • Benefits
  • More

Employee Pay Cards

Deliver your employees’ paychecks conveniently, on a re-loadable debit card!

  • Employee paychecks automatically reloaded with each payroll
  • No need for paper checks or bank account information
  • Cards can be used anywhere debit cards are accepted

PayData's Labor Poster Compliance

We can't keep your break room clean, but we can keep it compliant.

Experience a better payroll solution.

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