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RPC MC Card 2-25-16

PayData is proud to partner with rapid! PayCard to deliver our payroll Pay Card Solution.

Pay Cards Save Time & Money

Reduce Cost

Implementing the rapid! PayCard® MasterCard® Payroll Cards through PayData can provide significant cost savings over the current method of printing paper checks and wage statements.

Improve Efficiency

When your organization transitions your employees to rapid! PayCard®, you will enjoy improvements in the efficiency of operations that reach well beyond the payroll department.

You will see improvements when you:

  • Eliminate Check Distribution Time
  • Eliminate staff time spent traveling to and from job sites picking up their paychecks
  • Eliminate staff time spent distributing payroll checks
  • Reduce the Number of Checks Issued and Not Cashed
  • Minimize Your Exposure to Check Fraud
  • Reduce the time spent on Lost or Stolen Check Replacements, Off- Cycle Payments, and Termination Payments
  • Better Expense Management
  • Reduce need for courier delivery, due to Live checks in payroll.
  • Save employees “Check Cashing Fees”

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