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Want to reduce your labor and administrative costs while increasing productivity? It’s possible… with PayData.

To stay competitive, you need to find ways to streamline tasks and control costs. PayData’s automated timekeeping technology is a powerful solution that can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Dramatically reduce labor costs. Accurate time cards eliminate wasted labor minutes that arise from employee time theft, approximations, and human error. Pay your employees only for their time worked, and reduce one of your greatest expenses — employee labor.

Reduce administrative time. When you automate employee time tracking, you reduce the hours needed by payroll clerks to collect and calculate time card data.

Increase productivity. Automated time sheets improve employee accountability. You’ll see a decrease in late arrivals and early departures, and an increase in overall productivity.

Make time keeping easy. PayData’s solution is designed to simplify the basics of timekeeping. It’s quick to deploy, easy to use, and highly intuitive. And you can choose from a variety of time collection methods, from fingerprint scans to smartphones.

Access it from anywhere. You can access employees time cards and manage data anytime, simply by logging in from any web-enabled device.

Don’t spend your time worrying about tracking your employees’ time. With PayData, it couldn’t get much easier.

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