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Automate your payroll and improve accuracy. Our time keeping solutions save you time, save you money, and are easy to implement.

Cut cost. Be accurate.

Accurate time keeping can eliminate wasted labor minutes that arise from employee time theft, approximations, and human error. Total your employee time cards consistently and according to your policies, to better manage labor cost.

Increase productivity. Save Time.

Automated time sheets can improve employee accountability. Identify attendance trends to manage late arrivals, early departures, and increase overall productivity.

Take a deeper dive into our timekeeping solutions.

Do you struggle with getting your employees to turn in their time sheets on time? Are you worried about the accuracy, reliability, and compliance of your current method?

Our integrated solutions can help serve as your own personal timekeeper.

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Make time keeping easy.

Quick to deploy, easy to use, and intuitive. From fingerprint scans to smartphones, we have solutions to suit your specific needs.

Access it from anywhere

Manage punches in the palm of your hand. Employees and managers can also clock in and review timecards from their mobile devices.

Take back your time.

Together we can design a solution to simplify your timekeeping.

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