Verified First

PayData's Nationwide Background Screening Partner

They are different

but in a good way.


Based in Idaho (not Iowa), Verified First is different. They don’t just offer nationwide background screening services and grow potatoes in their free time. They offer a new experience, transforming the way organizations hire today.

Technology coded from the heart.

They’ve got patented technology like those Silicon Valley guys, but Verified First is built from the heart, and with your needs in mind.

Verified First’s background screening solutions are built to empower your hiring process, keep your workplace safe, and help fulfill your candidates’ career goals.

Clients First.

That’s why Verified First and PayData work so well together. Our solutions are highly intuitive, and we make sure you’re always well-taken care of. We put our clients first.

There is nothing more satisfying than hiring excited new talent, and it’s our privilege to help you do that.

Let's build something great, together.

PayData is partnering with Verified First, the premier background and drug screening company in North America, to bring a wide variety of background verification services to the PayData community.

Together, we’re bringing you

  • Industry-leading turnaround time for drug screening and background checks
  • User-friendly browser extension
  • A dedicated support team of SHRM & NAPBS certified personnel