PayData’s Employee Self-Service





Employee Self-Service can mean many things within today’s workforce.  However, one thing remains central.  Access to accurate and up-to-date employee demographic, compensation and benefit-related information is on the rise.  Today’s generation of employees is more electronically connected and engaged than any other.

Empower your associates to access information important to their work and life balance.  Make information available and secure with unique user ID and password protected logins for each employee.

Remove hurdles within your organization’s payroll process and join PayData’s “Go Green” initiative by exploring our employee self-service options.

Add evoBenefits to your evoPay Self-Service portal to expand its functions and communication ability. evoBenefits allows for a customizable and automated benefit enrollment module. evoBenefits will not only provide efficiency to your open enrollment, but facilitate valuable communication and audits to your benefit plans.

For more information on evoBenefits click here.

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