PayData System Updates & New Features

Updates as of 10-23-19


New User Interface
MA Paid Family Leave
EEO 1 (Component 2) Reporting

Advanced HR

New User Interface
Enhancements to E-Signature for Automated Onboarding
Benefit Election Updates


Clock Prompt Filtering (Department Transfers) – Will allow prompts on the time clock for some employees, and not for others. For example: A prompt asking the employee to enter tips when they punch out.

Geo-FencingNow available for Mobile Timekeeping! – Allows the client to define the GPS location and how large of an area that the employee are expected to work from, and will alert the employer if they punch in outside of that area.


Electronic Forms
Pay Card Integrations with WorkforceHUB Onboarding
Applicant Stack Integration


GURU QuickBooks G/L Integration
QuickBooks Online Journal Entry Tool Updated
New International Payroll Partner Announced
Efficient Hire Product Release – New Feature! – Policies are now integrated with custom forms
Company and Location Policies for the Onboarding, Reboarding, Policy Reconfirmation, and Application Request Types are now integrated with the Custom Forms feature in Efficient Hire, expanding the capabilities for implementing both Policies and Custom Forms.