We make it easy.

PayData is proud to provide tools that many of our clients are using to help keep their payroll process running smoothly.

Automatic access to paychecks

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit allows money to be transferred directly into your employees’ bank account. No need to wait for paper checks to be delivered in the mail. Your employees will have their money on pay day, no questions asked!

Paperless pay stubs and reports

Virtual Mail Room

PayData’s Virtual Mail Room (VMR) allows for you and employees who are enrolled in direct deposit to access their paystubs, via a password protected e-mail. You also have the option to receive your payroll reports via e-mail, on the day you process payroll. Avoid delivery fees and headaches!

Secure access to employee information

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service gives employees the ability to manage and view pay stubs, W2s, employee information, time off requests, and more, from anywhere. This makes working from home a breeze.

Contact your Customer Service Representative for more information and to sign up!