PayData Client Spotlight: Dubie Family Maple


Welcome to our farm! Mark & Marianne (Muffin) Dubie are the proud owners of Dubie Family Maple, a family sugar making operation, where they have the opportunity to work with one of their sons in the sugar woods.

Family and community mean the world to them. The Dubie’s volunteer and give back to their local community in Franklin County, but also go on an annual mission trip to Guatemala, where they help the locals build homes, distribute food, and fit the immobile population with wheelchairs.

Mark and Muffin have also been given an amazing opportunity to represent Vermont at the White House.

Give the gift of Vermont Maple this season. Dubie Family Maple strives to make the very best products. They make the perfect gift for family, friends or your corporate clients. In addition to Pure Vermont Maple Products, try the signature Maple Rub, Homemade Granola Mix, or two varieties of a pancake mix that are crafted by a New England based bakery.