Kilawatt Technologies, Inc. to assist PayData in energy management.


June 7, 2012

Kilawatt Technologies, Inc has announced the start of an Energy and Environmental Management project for PayData Payroll Services, Inc. This project will include the analysis of total energy consumption data across the entire building on a one to three minute interval. A statistically based model will be developed to yield visibility to the energy flow on individual circuits in the building. Control algorithms will be integrated to optimize the operational sequencing needed to provide a comfortable environment at the lowest possible cost.

A few advantages of Kilawatt’s program that will be realized by PayData include:

1) Elimination of occupant comfort issues within the building,

2) Reduction of total energy consumption which is projected to be 15% or greater, and

3) Avoidance of capital investment in HVAC and mechanical equipment expenses.

Kilawatt was also retained to perform an efficiency evaluation of their data center. We will monitor the energy consumption of their data racks and cooling equipment to determine operational efficiency along with identifying options to reduce consumption and possibly utilizing the residual energy elsewhere in their facility. We look forward to working on this exciting project with them.


PayData Payroll Services, Inc. is a regional payroll & employer services company providing Payroll, Tax, HR and Benefit services to over 1,800 employers of all sizes throughout New England. PayData founded in 1987, has built an outstanding reputation by providing quality customer service, flexible products and professional employer services for the past 25 years.

Kilawatt Technologies, founded in 2008, provides a data-centric, statistically-based, energy and environmental management program. The methods involve continuous trending and analysis of energy and interior environmental data for commercial, multi-family and industrial buildings.