PayData’s Labor Law E-Poster Service

The Labor Poster has gone remote, too.

PayData’s Labor Poster Service keeps you compliant for your onsite staff, but what about your remote workforce?

Employers are legally obligated to make mandatory labor law notices available to their entire workforce, and this obligation extends to remote employees.

Finally, a comprehensive compliance solution engineered specifically for remote employees and non-traditional work sites.

For a complete walk-through of PayData’s Labor Law E-Poster Service, please watch our “how to” video:

How to Video.

Here are just a few of the features

  • Digital service – Remote staff access labor posters through an online platform.
  • Only pay based on the number of remote staff. Pay-as-you-go subscriptions.
  • Federal, state, county, and city notices & updates.
  • Stay compliant – Backed by a $25,000 ‘We Pay The Fine’ guarantee.
  • Service contains a “Certificate of Acknowledgement” feature that includes eSignatures.
  • Easy to use admin dashboard & reporting.

For more information, watch our Labor Law E-Poster Service video:

Labor Law E-Poster Service video

What will it cost?

PayData’s Labor Law E-Poster Service fees are billed monthly.

$1 per month per remote employee or “per seat.” Minimum monthly billing is $5.00.

The number of monthly seats can be altered at any time, and the “seat” can be reassigned and reused.

Are you ready to get started?