A Local Payroll Company You Can Trust


Many of you may be aware of the news of a local payroll provider in the Albany, New York area that abruptly closed its doors last week.

For more information on this story – Click Here.

It’s important to understand, that NOT all local payroll providers are the same.  PayData’s key differences from the firm in New York are outlined below:

  • PayData has been part of our community for over 32 years. We are trusted, professional & respected.
  • PayData is fully Insured and Bonded.
  • SOC Audit: For over the past ten years, PayData has voluntarily invested in an annual audit done by an outside firm.
  • PayData has separate bank accounts for managing client funds – always have and always will. These accounts are reconciled and completely separate from PayData’s operating account.
  • Employee Direct Deposit transactions are not held in a PayData account. These flow from the employer’s accounts to the employees’ accounts, and PayData does not have access to these funds.
  • Our trusted best practices are in place to ensure our internal controls are operating effectively. These include segregation of staff responsibilities and a multi-layer review process of all fund transfer activity.
  • PayData and its banking partners follow and adhere to all NACHA operating guidelines.

We value our relationships, we respect the trust our clients and partners put into us, and we will continue to work hard to earn it with each passing payroll.