PayData Processing Deadlines are 1:00pm EST – Effective 8/1/12


Important Notice Please Read
Effective 8/1/2012 PayData Processing Deadlines are 1:00 PM EST

PayData values your business and wants to improve the delivery and accuracy of our services. The purpose of this letter is to clarify the deadlines and assist you in understanding why we must adhere to our revised 1:00 PM ESTpayroll submission deadline for all clients effective 08/01/2012.

Why a 1:00 PM Deadline:

Banking (NACHA) Regulations:
Our banking partners require that payrolls be procesed two business days prior to the check date. PayData must comply with this requirement to pass our audit and to ensure that your employees direct deposits are processed timely.

Delivery & Courier Pick-up:
Avoid late delivery of your payroll. Regardless of the method of shipping you have chosen, we must receive your payroll by 1:00 pm two business days prior to your check date, in order to meet the pick-up times of our courier and delivery providers.

Accuracy and Error Reduction:
No one likes a payroll error. By meeting the 1:00 PM EST deadline this will allow your PayData CSR enough time to balance and\or process your payroll. This also allows for our processing team with enough time to process, sort and prepare your payroll package.

Keep your Pay Day:
If your payroll is not received by 1:00 PM EST, two business days prior to the check date, PayData may be forced to move your check date forward to the next business day. This will ensure that we are in compliance with the banking requirements listed above.

Courtesy Call Reminders:
Only if time allows will your PayData CSR make a courtesy call to you if your payroll has not been received by 1:00 PM EST. Please note that due to time constraints, holidays and work schedules reminder calls may not always be possible.

PLEASE Total Payroll Hours:
If you submit your hours via Fax on our payroll Input Worksheet please be sure to total your columns. Without totals your PayData CSR has nothing to balance against to verify your payroll. This will ensure that you get what you expect and reduce errors and additional processing fees.

Company Payroll Changes:
Please keep in mind that we need payroll changes (for example: new earning or deduction codes, 401K setup, HSA setup, multi-state tax setups, etc) at least three days prior to submitting your payroll.

Please contact us if you have concerns or wish to discuss these deadlines.